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                                   2018 – NeoBards Entertainment
Lighting specialist

In 2018 I went to Taiwan to work with NeoBards Entertainment. There I was trained as a lighting specialist with the Unreal 4 Engine for the PS4. Bellow are a few sample scenes.

Before and after comparison. Left image shows the scene without any lighting but some basic reflections. Right image shows implementation of Spots lights with drop shadows, IES lights, Fog Effect, Light Probes, Cube Maps and Emissive lights. It takes me usually 3 to 5 days to lite a scene depending on its complexity and the level of optimization necessary. 


2008/2011 – AltEgo LLC, Last Legion Games
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer - Art Direction, Project Lead

In mid 2008 I launched a Santa Monica based games studio with a few industry veterans. Our main focus was to develop interactive apps on the newly released iPhone platform. I quickly put together an A team of digital artists and started prototyping various concepts. Our first game, Watchmen, was developed in partnership with Legendary Pictures and Warner Brothers. Watchmen: Justice is Coming was a 3D MMO that we developed in less than six months with very limited resources. For this particular project I managed a team of artists and game designers, created many game environments and textures, as well as the entire user interface. I worked closely with Warner Bros's producers to follow the movie's style-guide and to meet the launch date coinciding with the theatrical release.

WATCHMEN: Justice Is Coming™
3D MMOG for iOS

Warner Brothers™

Warner Brothers™


While developing Watchmen: Justice is Coming, we started working on an original concept with renowned artist and vinyl toy designer, Tim Biskup. The small iPhone app allowed to integrate into the iPhone's digital photos, original 3D vinyl toys by Friends With You, Devilrobots, and of course, Biskup. The intuitive interface allowed users to fully control the lighting, as well as manipulating, scaling, and rotating the vinyl figures previously bought in an online store. I oversaw the development of that particular project, designed the user interface, created various marketing assets, and helped manage the online social media presence of the Polyghost brand. Bellow are some visual examples of what users could accomplish with Polyghost.

Vinyl Toys App for iOS


2003/2004 – Traceur,  Xbox – Invasiv Studios
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer - Art Direction, Game Design

In early 2002, I launched an independent game studio following the belief that video games should be considered as an independent Art form. My team of a dozen developers worked on an original game concept inspired by the French urban sport, Parkour. The 3D city landscape and playground reminded greatly of my past experience with the THPS series, the sort of environment that I was very comfortable with. The game was never completed due to lack of funding.



1998/2001 – Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1, 2, 3 PSX and PS2 – Neversoft
Art Direction, 
Concept Art, Environment Art, UV Mapping and Lighting



I was asked to conceptualize various street skaters and level mechanics for an original game prototype. Production started soon after that, and I was offered the opportunity to be the Art Lead of this skateboarding project. I did a lot of research, watched a lot of skate videos of course, played even more Top Skater at the arcade, managed a small team of environment artists, defined the visual style of the game (and what would become a franchise), worked closely with the design department, created the entire user interface, lit and textured several levels, put together marketing assets, and went out of my way to secure graffiti art from well known L.A. based street artists. My wife, unrelated to the project but a huge skater fan, secured Suicidal Tendencies and Slayer for the soundtracks. DIY!

Eventually Tony Hawk accepted to be a part of the project, and soon after a bunch of other pro skaters joined the fun. Half way through development, our first free demo was released on the market. It was extremely well received, and we realized that we had something very solid in our hands. When Tony Hawk's Pro Skater successfully launched in the fall of 1999, it was a huge accomplishment for the entire team. We had created a franchise, and the THPS machine would become unbeatable for years to come.


1996/1998 - Pitfall 3D: Beyond the Jungle, PSX - Activision
Concept Art, Environment Art, Character Art, UV Mapping


1995 – Fight for Life, Jaguar – Atari
Concept Art, Character Art, UV Mapping

Fight for Life was the first 3D combat game on a US gaming platform.



1990 - Blaston, Amiga/Arcades - Eterna
Concept Art, Animations, Game Design, Art Direction

16 Bits Title Screen